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Focus/kajira grounds

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Discussion Group Sundays at 7pm eastern.
11.8.2009 . Defining a Strong Free.
02.14.2010 . Restrictions on Slaves: Pro and Con.
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1.10.2010 . What makes a good serve?
11.15.2009 . The Value of Serving.
1.24.2010 . Is the structure of gor important in and why?
11.22.2009 . Besides Serving, what else should be trained..
1.31.2010 . Why would anyone want to be a slave?
12.6.2009 . Men should be men and women should be women?
12.20.2009 .What do slaves know that their Owners don't?.
02.21.2010 .How much authority do Free Women have?
02.28.2010 . Free Etiquette in Online Gor
03.07.2010 Slave Etiquette in Online Gor
03.14.2010 .Velcro Free Companionships
Older Discussion Logs