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Focus/kajira grounds

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Discussion Group Sundays at 7pm eastern.
03.25.2010 . Why come to Pal Gor?
05.30.2010 Educating the Free
Older Discussion Logs
05.09.2010 . How free are goreans?
04.11.2010 . Dealing with Slaves "losing their fire"
5.16.2010 .Who can correct a slave?
04.18.2010 . Is there a place for Sado Masochism on gor?
5.23.2010 . Defining: "A good slave.
04.25.2010 . Onlineisms
05.02.2010 .Loyalty vs Honor
06.06.2010 Polygamy
06.13.2010 Interacting with less common gorean characters
07.04.2010 Roleplaying different Cultures on gor
07.11.2010 The Importance and Limits to Loyalty